Domiciliation Services

Provision of a registered office, including :

  • Name plate;
  • Conference room;
  • Reception services.

Director Services

Provision of corporate/personal local directors (depending on local and substance requirements).

Corporate Legal Services

Incorporation of the company

  • Drafting of standard Articles of Association;
  • Meeting with the notary public for the incorporation;
  • Opening of the bank account (follow up with the bank).

Annual General Meeting services

  • Contacting the shareholders in order to hold the annual general meeting of shareholders (“AGM”) and preparing the appropriate proxies;
  • Sending official notices of the AGM to shareholders;
  • Drawing up the minutes of the AGM, and the attendance list;
  • Recording, filing and publishing a summary of the resolutions taken at the AGM to be published in the Luxembourg official gazette;
  • Filing the annual accounts with the Luxembourg Trade Register.

Board of Directors services

  • Contacting the directors in order to hold the Board of Directors (BoD) and preparing the appropriate proxies;
  • Sending official notices to the directors;
  • Drawing up the minutes of the BoD, and the attendance list;
  • Recording, filing and publishing a summary of the resolutions taken at the BoD and publish, if applicable.

Record keeping services

  • The articles of incorporation;
  • The minutes of meetings of the BoD and general meetings of shareholders;
  • The register of shares and the register of bonds as appropriate;
  • Tax returns: corporate income tax, VAT, municipal business tax, and wealth tax, if applicable;
  • Forms relating to taxation, deductions, tax accounts;
  • The annual accounts;
  • Excerpts from the trade register;
  • Official publications;
  • Agreements;
  • Invoices and related payments;
  • Bank statements;
  • Any other documents which the Administrator deems necessary for the file or which is required to keep in order and to comply with local laws.

Execution services

Execution of corporate agreements and documents.

Other corporate legal services

  • Following up legal requirements such as deeds of registration and their filing;
  • Obtaining and retaining copies of legal documentation such as companies extracts;
  • If applicable, liaising with auditors for the purpose of auditing of annual accounts;
  • Responding to queries from the parent company and its advisers;
  • Mail services in relation to all communications (including all mail and official notices and service of legal process, and forwarding received mail and official notices by regular mail, courier services, facsimile or e-mail).

Accounting and Tax Services

  • Preparing the annual/periodical reports in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Preparing and submitting the financial statements to the local authorities;
  • Preparing and submitting the corporate income tax, VAT and other taxes.

Banking Services

  • Assist in bank accounts operations and payments for the bank accounts held. Managing the bank accounts typically includes:
    • Setting up of any new bank accounts and execution of any related documentation;
    • Liaising with the bank and dealing with queries;
  • the domiciliation agent is only authorized to wire monies from any Company account to another account after prior written consent from the Company.

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